Grand Guardian Council of Utah — News Page

Here is where you will find the latest and greatest from our Adult Leaders.

Utah Rules and Regulations: Click here to download the most recent approve version.  Please remember to print on blue paper.

Grand Guardian Council Officers

Elected Officers

Grand Guardian- Kelly Wilkinson (3)
Associate Grand Guardian- J.R. Adams (5)
Vice Grand Guardian- Brenda Hansel, PSG (15,9)
Vice Associate Grand Guardian- Randy Hansen, PASG (1,5)
Grand Guide- Tricia Westbrook (13)
Grand Inner Guard- Joe Neuschwander (9)
Grand Marshal- Summer Butler (1)
Grand Outer Guard- Ellis Valdez (16)
Grand Secretary- Winnie Moulton, PGG (2)
Grand Treasurer- Cheryl Blycker (13)

Appointed Officers

Grand Chaplain- Karissa Barron (2)
Grand Director of Music- Amanda Tuckett (7)
Grand Librarian- Deanna Adams (1)
Grand First Messenger- Dawn Marshall (3)
Grand Second Messenger- Allyson Nelson (9)
Grand Third Messenger- Becca Hoytt (20)
Grand Fourth Messenger- Rachel Crow (16)
Grand Fifth Messenger- Shelby Nisbet (1)
Grand Senior Custodian- Nick Manzanares (3)
Grand Junior Custodian- Mike Adam (13)