“Jobie 2 Bee”

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What’s a Jobie-2-Bee you ask?  It is a program designed for those daughters who are from seven, (maybe a bit younger), to nine years of age who would like to explore Job’s Daughters but are not old enough to join.  These young girls make new friends; participate in new experiences and builds self-confidence while getting to participate in local and state activities.

J2B-1Often the young girls come together at one of the regular Bethel meetings.  They have the opportunity to see the Opening and Closing of a Bethel meeting.  After the Bethel meeting opens these potential members go with one of our certified adult volunteers, (Hive Mom or Bee Keeper), and work on projects.  Some of these projects include crafts, cards for shut-ins, simple charity projects while learning what their “older” Jobie sisters do in the organization.  Before or after the Bethel meeting there is a social activity for both the Jobies and Jobies-2-Bee so they can spend time getting to know one another.   It is a great way to allow these young girls the opportunity to get acquainted with the Bethel members and learn what we do before they join.

J2B-2Grand Bethel of Utah holds a special statewide formal ceremony once a year for these prospective members.   The girls are sashed with their very own “Jobie-2-Bee” sash &  pin to wear at events and a crown.   It is our way of welcoming them to our organization.   Watch for posting regarding when our next ceremony will be held.

Those Bethels with active Bee programs include:2016-06-25 14.39.32

·         Bethel  #1 – Salt Lake City

·         Bethel  #2 – Ogden

·         Bethel  #7 – Salt Lake City

·         Bethel  #13 – Salt Lake City

·         Bethel #16 – Midvale


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