Utah Bylaws — Election Guidelines — Book of Ceremonies

Here are the most recent Utah SI
and the Utah R&R Bylaws as approved by Supreme  (Posted February 13, 2018)

Along with the 2016 Election Guidelines

Utah Book of Ceremonies

  **All documents are current on 8-4-2019

When printing, please print on Blue Paper to make them stand out from Supreme’s.  This is the 2017 (Most recent Version) Posted 2-13-2018

Download (Utah_R_R_2016-Reformat-12.12.17.pdf,PDF, 258KB)

This is the 2017 (Most recent Version)
Posted 2-13- 2018

Download (2016-ElectionGuidelines-Jan-26-2016.pdf,PDF, 219KB)

Download (Utah_R_R_BOC_2018-with-Jobie-2B-Baby-Ceremony-Ver-2-Final-4-10-2019L.pdf,PDF, 402KB)

This is the most recent with Jobies-to-be
and Baby dedication added april 2019

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