2016 Rally Schedule

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Alright Ladies and Gents,

Here is the schedule for Choir practice:
8:20-8:30 – Bethel 2
8:30-8:40 – Bethel 3
8:40-8:50 – Bethel 7
8:50-9:00 – Bethel 9
9:00-9:10 – Bethel 13
9:10-9:20 – Bethel 16
9:20-9:30 – Bethel 20
9:30-9:40 – Bethel 1

And yes, that is A.M. I would like to suggest that everyone takes a lot of time to warm up their voices for choir since it is so early in the morning. We don’t want anyone hurting their vocal cords. The more you warm up, the better. If possible, try to warm up before your practice time. I know this will be difficult for those of you with the earlier times, but maybe take the first five minutes of your practice time to warm up and then continue warming up after your practice time.

I’m excited to see you all at Rally (woohoo!)

Jobie Love,


Drill/Novelty Inspection schedule:
Bethel 2 is 12:00
Bethel 3 is 12:10
Bethel 7 is 12:20
Bethel 9 is 12:30
Bethel 13 is 12:40
Bethel 16 is 12:50
Bethel 20 is 1:00
Bethel 1 is 1:10

So everyone has 40+ minutes to get ready for drill and novelty! Excited to see what everyone is doing! If anyone needs additional info please message me and I’ll get back to you asap!

Jobie love,